Safe Security
Application Security

One Paper Lane product is hosted with 256-bit encryption for inflight transit and data-at-rest to maintain security and integrity of customer data.

The only people who are able to access your organization's blank documents are individuals you invite, and their unique invitations are only usable once.

"Your data - you have access" - With logical segregation of your data, you will never share space with other One Paper Lane customers.

Hosted on a most secure and reliable IAAS providers, our disaster recovery process are mirrored to that in our production regions. Assuring minimal disruption and data loss for our customers.

Physical and Network Security

One Paper Lane is hosted on the Cloud with encrypted entry points.

We maintain rigorous firewalls and access control rules, prohibiting any unnecessary access to the product/infrastructure.

Our servers are deployed and configured using automation technology that enforces compliance with our security policies and rules.

Operational Security

One Paper Lane employees are subject to our data privacy policy, and are committed to respecting the privacy of our customers' data.

Two-factor authentication and encrypted VPN access are required for administrative access to systems. There are no passwords that can grant third parties access to One Paper Lane systems or customer data.

One Paper Lane has explicit policies governing access, storage, and revocation of access and encryption keys.

Learn more about the technologies we use to ensure the security and integrity of your data.

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